Interior Painting

InteriorPaintingWe take pride in every job that we do, big or small. We respect the homes of our clients, we work carefully, and we always get superb results.

Here’s how we do it

1. Carpets are covered for protection.

2. Furnishings are moved to the middle of the room, and covered for protection.

3. All fixtures are removed or covered for protection.

4. Cracks and holes in walls are repaired, sanded, and spot primed.

5. All surfaces to be painted are scuff sanded.

6. Any cracks between walls and trim are caulked.

7. Primer is applied, where necessary.

8. 2 coats of paint are applied.

9. Lines between walls and trim, and between colors are clean cut.

10. Fixtures are replaced and floors are vacuumed.

11. Furniture is moved back to original positions.

11. Left over paint is marked and left for future touch-ups.

12. Empty paint cans are removed and recycled.

13. All garbage is removed.